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The facilities at Dr. Hugh’s are all that you would expect from a modern veterinary clinic where the priority is on the comfort, welfare and the scientific diagnosis and treatment of the pets under our care.
The facilities include

  1. Custom built consulting rooms with sterilisable surfaces
  2. Separate dog and cat wards to reduce hospitalization stress.
  3. Cages with individual air conditioning.
  4. Isolation facilities.
  5. A modern surgical suite with the latest model anaesthetic machine and patient monitoring equipment
  6. Vacuum assisted autoclave and ultrasonic instrument cleaner to help ensure the sterility of our surgical procedures.
  7. An in- house diagnostic laboratory for blood cell counts, biochemistry and electrolytes, urinalysis, faecal examination and skin tests
  8. A diagnostic imaging suite with x-ray and ultrasound.

Of course our most important asset is our team of dedicated staff whose first priority is the care of your pet.